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Free Hosting Solutions

Free Business Web Hosting Services

Weighing the strengths and weaknesses of the free-of-cost site hosting service, you can select whether you want such a solution or a paid professional one. FreeHostia, for instance, offer an array of shared hosting plans that are quite cheap and greatly exceed the resources offered by any cost-free web hosting package.


Free Web Hosting

Not paying a monthly or yearly tax and having an advertisement on your site in exchange is not such a bad deal, if you have a small personal site or just want to verify your web development skills. Some hosting distributors such as 100WebSpace.com, however, do not display banner adverts on your websites, but you can have only one single free-of-charge web site hosting account with them.


Free Web Hosting Services

No matter how steady the free-of-charge web page hosting solution might appear, it also has negative points - precisely because it is cost-free. Since the clients do not pay for their site hosting packages, the only way for the web hosting distributor to offer this service is to incorporate adverts on every page of your web site.


VPS Server

Virtual Private Server

A VPS is a comparatively cheap web hosting service, but it is powerful enough to support web pages such as a highly visited online store or a huge company web page. As its administration is easy, it is the favored choice of both greenhorns and qualified clients.


Low-cost Virtual Private Servers

With a VPS web hosting plan, providers commonly offer a bunch of hosting CPs to choose from, and the more tech-savvy clients can install and use the web space hosting Control Panel they desire.


What Is a VPS

Certain VPS hosting servers do not provide full root privileges to the user, but are administered by the web hosting service provider. This is the so-called managed hosting service, whereby the hosting distributor supervises the monitoring procedures and software installations.


Web Hosting Services

What Does Web Hosting Represent

If you would like to build a website and make it available for the whole world to see, it must be hosted on a web hosting server. This service is called web hosting.


Web Hosting Unmasked

Since the number of web sites on the Internet has increased rapidly over the last several years, the need for web page hosting services has also lead to the birth of incalculable hosting vendors.



The entrance of the World Wide Web in our everyday lives implies that, in order for someone to become noticed, or to make his opinion heard, one has to have a web portal and get it online.


Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Dedicated Hosting Server

'100webspace.com', provides charge-free billing software and a domain reseller account with each dedicated hosting package of theirs, which permits you to establish your own personal web hosting corporation and gain cash very fast as the hosting business is perpetually blossoming.


Dedicated Server

With the dedicated solution, you rent an entire physical server whose system resources will be utilized only by your web sites. Each dedicated web server has one or more processing units operating at a certain speed, a particular amount of RAM, one or more hard drives, etc.


Dedicated Hosting

Most hosting providers, incl. ResellersPanel Web Hosting, provide several hardware architectures you can pick from in keeping with your necessities. ResellersPanel Web Hosting, for example, offers 3 types of Control Panel software - Hepsia, DirectAdmin and cPanel.


Hosting Reseller Solutions

The Essence Of The Hosting Reseller Business

In order to be a reseller and kick off your web hosting business, you require a website, a billing platform, a merchant account with an online payment processor like PayPal, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, 2CheckOut, etc., and an SSL certificate to ensure that your clients' data is guarded when they pay using your web site.


An Explanation Of Reseller Hosting

Aside from the abovementioned mode of reseller hosting accounts, there are also several other ways that work just as fine. Yet, they differ in terms of the degrees of involvement and the amount of money that each one of them requires. Bigger web hosts like ResellersPanel offer alternative methods of selling web hosting plans without having to buy anything beforehand, or to even become involved in the provision of client and billing support.


Reseller Hosting

There are plenty of ways of making revenue on the World Wide Web and one of them is to resell the hosting solutions provided by a certain web host. This provides endless options for everyone who desires to earn extra money. There are various sorts of reseller hosting solutions, based on the reseller's level of participation and, of course, on the web hosting distributor that provides the hosting service. Prior to looking into that, let's first examine


Domain Name Registration

Free Domain Name Registration

A domain is an alpha-numeric combination that makes it easier to access web portals on the web. It "translates" an IP such as into an easy-to-recollect combination of letters and numbers. For instance, it is much easier to remember www.domain.com than the digits above.


Registrar Domain Registration

A domain is the alpha-numeric combination that you will pick to be the address for the website: my-best-domain.com, for example. A domain can be up to sixty four symbols long and it comprises 2 parts - a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD).


Domain Registration

The moment the domain is pointed to a certain domain hosting supplier and is added to their web servers, you will receive different web services. The most vital one is that the web page files that you have on the web hosting server will now be accessible when you write your domain name in a browser.